I’m still a beginner quilter.

I struggle with getting points to match, getting a consistent width for a scant quarter-inch seam, blocks that don’t lie flat and a lot of other sewing, piecing and quilting details.

Finding quilting resources that are clear and encouraging.

Today, I did an internet search on getting blocks to lie flat and I found this wonderful website/blog that explains the steps involved in quilting. Not only were the explanations easy to follow, but they offered encouragement along the way. I was reminded that nothing is improved without practice. Why do I expect to be perfect when I’m just getting started?

I stopped stressing over imperfections—and there were a lot of imperfections! I told myself that the next project would be better, and the one after that even better. I finished the project and felt a wonderful sense of pride knowing I had completed something! When it’s hanging on my wall, even I can’t see the imperfections!

My recommended quilting resource:

The website that pushed me past my imperfections is Generations Quilt Patterns; you will not believe their solution to my lumpy blocks! I spent a couple of hours browsing and learned a ton of new things. I hope you find this resource as helpful as I did!

Remember to return here and book your retreat! Have fun with your learning and quilting!